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In these images, all is real, captured by the camera lens and not manipulated. An expression of reality, truth, one could say. And yet, in combination with another reality, that truth evolves.

I often incorporate a duality in my photographs. Is it because I have an older sister, an influential identity double? Is it because our way of understanding is through compare and contrast? Is it the serendipity of a new “reality” from juxtaposition or combination?

As stated by Rene Daumal, “Art has a double face, of expression and illusion.” As a technique, I use double exposure to change perception and understanding of the world…bringing memory and complexity and serendipity. Expression becomes illusion.
Off the MarkNostalgiaHostLight Two WaysUngroundedCaughtStruggleCut and BrokenUnstableFramed, Not ContainedCollapsed SpaceEarth Cannot ContainStop and SmellCarried AlongTwinkle Twinkle