In the historic center of San Miguel de Allende are the heart, El Jardin, and the soul, La Parroquia, of the community. So it is said, and so I have experienced.

El Jardin, with surrounding plazas, serves as the living room, exercise track, playground, music venue, event space and center of commerce for San Miguelese and visitors. There are wedding processions, engagements, quinceanera, and other cultural and religious celebrations. Mariachi bands serenade. Kids play. Indigenous sell their wares. Families enjoy an outing. Viejas ask for donations. Visitors take photos. Vendors offer temptations. Bench-sitters enjoy shade for reading and chatting. Couples do what couples will do.

And for everyone and for every occasion, there’s food---fruit, chips, ice cream, elotes and chicharron topped with just about everything.

Humanness, with a strong heartbeat and vibrant soul, is on display everywhere.
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