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I have spent many hours sitting in the jardin in San Miguel de Allende, on a particular bench, on a particular corner.

El Jardin and La Parroquia are the heart of the town. On the corner where they meet is a statue of Ignacio Allende in a niche high on the building once his home. Allende, hero of Mexican Independence, was born and plotted revolution in San Miguel.

As I watch the flow at this busy intersection, there are San Miguelese, Otomi, chilangos, campagneros, ninos, viejos, snowbirds, ex-pats, artists, vendors, wedding guests and tourists from around the world. Not to mention horses, bicycles, brides and dogs. There is a lot to take in.

The energy of this mingling of cultures, species, ages, and activities plays out under Allende’s watchful gaze.
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